Jedi Dad
Portrait by my Jedi-loving son, when he was around seven or eight years old.

Welcome to my website. I’m a problem solver and connector, with technology, communications & design skills. You’ll probably notice that my web design skills as presented here suck (thanks, @Duck_Arps, for pointing that out!)

That because I’m a General Contractor for the Creative Industry, and not a specialist. The number of areas I have worked in, however, connects me to a load of specialists who DO know how to perfectly render whatever aspect needs to get dealt with, and I know how to talk to those people, and translate for lay-folk who don’t care about the details and just want to get something built, in ways that won’t lock them out of the their own commissions, or make something critical break in the near future, or just be really, really annoying to deal with over time. Trust me. I know. And have unsnarled some (never all) of those annoying issues out.

I’ve worked in engineering, publishing, business and technology consulting, design, communications, and many other business sectors. The one thing I know from my experience is that there are no unique problems. There are just people we haven’t yet met who can help us.

Want to see if there’s something we might mutually benefit from? Call me. +1•604•715•0671.