I’ve worked with a lot of people, in a lot or roles. Let’s just say that my collection of hats is extensive.

This is what some of those people have to say about my work:

Smart, experienced as heck, broad perspective, great analytical mind, incredibly effective communicator – the list could go on & on. Bruce has a grasp on so many industries, he’s like having a Big X consulting firm in a pair of shoes. Yet he manages to be down-to-earth and incredibly fun (and funny) at the same time. He was an awesome colleague, particularly at tough times. Highly, highly recommended.
Matthew Dunn, PhD, Chief Explainer,
Say It Visually!
Previously, CIO, Intrawest Corporation

I’m in awe of Bruce’s understanding of Adobe CS and particularly, his knowledge of Indesign in all of its intricacies. When I have a time sensitive technical challenge, I’m confident that Bruce can handle whatever I throw at him. Bruce’s energy and positive attitude make him an easy guy to work with and that means the world to me in those moments when stress is at a high level.
Toni Serofin
Marketing Materials Specialist / Graphic Production Artist
Sanserofin Print Production Studio

Bruce is one of the rare breed of people who combine excellent technical skills with the ability to clearly convey plain and simple ‘business speak’ to senior executives. Bruce worked tirelessly to successfully convert a high volume of sales opportunities, during what was at the time, shaping leading edge technical solutions into untapped markets. Bruce is definitely someone you would want on your team, be it working through proposals during the small hours through to delivering presentations to board level executives of global corporations.
Marc Bateman, Account Director – EMEA
Verizon Business

No matter what I throw at Bruce—manuscript, entrepreneurial concept, or philosophical debate—he has been able to roll with it, turn it around, and return it in better shape than I left it.
Cheryl DeWolfe, Content Manager
Those DeWolfes Creative

Bruce Campbell led a BOSS Entrepreneurship workshop in Web Design in January, 2012. Bruce provided the participants with information about the elements of web design and demonstrated his knowledge of this subject.
Patricia Lambert
Project Manager, BOSS Entrepreneurship Programs
Continuing Education—Capilano University

I met Bruce Campbell when I needed help with my MacBook Pro and he responded to my SOS.  Bruce knew exactly what needed to be done.  I found him to be both knowledgeable and empathetic and he has now become my go-to person when I need help with computer technology.
Sunny Rothschild
Commercial Law

Based on my many years working as a consultant, I have come to believe that there are two kinds of consultant:  one kind gives the client exactly what she requests. If help is required for the next steps, the client must hire the consultant again. The second kind of consultant gives the client what she requests and leaves the client with the skills and the confidence to carry on with the next steps herself. When the client calls the consultant again, it’s to carry out a quite different task.

It’s because Bruce’s way of working fits my description of the second kind of consultant that I have never thought of going elsewhere for computer help.

Anyone who knows me would never describe me as a ‘techy’. Bruce is both intelligent and highly skilled; best of all, he has never left me feeling stupid (a common problem with some highly intelligent computer geeks working with people new to the world of high tech). Bruce’s capacity to deal well with a wide range of customer needs is one compelling reason for my automatically calling Bruce when I need help.
Brenda Berck
Editor & Publisher

If it has to do with computers or a web presence, or with editing, Bruce has the know-how to do it for you quickly and efficiently.  More than that, he has empathy and people-skills to match his technical abilities.  Bruce will get what you’re trying to accomplish and deliver what you need.
Baz Edmeades
Author, Megafauna: First Victims of Human-Caused Extinctions

The technical guidance and support Bruce has provided me over the years is invaluable. His talents are many and varied. From designing my website, to teaching me simple tasks for improving my productivity, Bruce has the ability to explain complex concepts in easy to understand terms (and he uses great metaphors!). His patience and sense of humour always help reduce the stress of understanding or learning new systems. Always up to date, and often on the cutting edge of new technology, Bruce is a wealth of information and knows what to suggest to help me work more efficiently.
Valerie Ostara, Owner
Sound Mind Therapeutic Hypnosis

My business vision underwent a positive transformation as a result of Bruce Campbell’s guidance and expertise. We worked closely together via email and phone and weekly meetings. The positioning strategy template that he requested from me was an important document which sharpened my vision. It became clear that my original goals were unrealistic and even not personally desirable. From my experience, Bruce is both a creative and a motivating force and an excellent business strategist.
David Shadbolt, Founder & Owner
Peak Symmetry transformative fitness & health

My wife and I first met Bruce in his incarnation as a mac tech support person. We found he had a genius for explaining complex computer functions in plain English. He was also friendly and exhibited a gentle, slightly quizzical conversational style. We called him in many times to minister to our recalcitrant imac and gradually discovered that Bruce has a broad range of skills and interests. He has a background in digital publishing and manuscript preparation (and in the spring helped me prepare a submission to an e-journal). He has a scholarly grasp of Thomas Pynchon’s novels and an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture. He is involved in on-going Internet conversations about the expanding digital universe and can (at the drop of a hat) speak passionately about current theories and thinkers involved in digital theory. But what comes across most strongly about Bruce, in his work and conversation, is that he’s a kind and genuine person. He’s the real McCoy.
Perry Taylor, Lecturer
Vancouver Community College