People Are Stories

Ever think about the humanity of sharing stories? We all do it, even the internal, unspoken ones that only happen to make ourselves feel better about things. Every year, humans create and record and refine and share millions and millions of tales, fabulations that demand an audience. Somebody to ask “what happens next?”

Bookshelves in the Fiction section of the Mount Pleasant branch of Vancouver Public Library
Stories and the human efforts to share them

Every endeavour humans have ever conducted involved a story. Imagination is story-building from first principles. We appreciate novelty, and when novelty is too much to ask for, we equally appreciate the found-object art of taking bits of other stories and assembling them in novel and entertaining ways.

The next question is about how much of a living did each of these miniature universes produce for the people involved? And what happens when the Machine Learning tools, like GPT3 and its upcoming successor GPT4 will be able to craft stories with a tenth or less of the human help to turn them into artifacts to be shared.